About Us


About Us

‘Karuna Sindhu Charitable Hospital’, a unit of Vishwa Jagriti Mission (https://www.vishwajagritimission.org) which literally means an ocean of compassion was commenced in the year 2000 to provide medical treatment to downtrodden people of the society. About 400 patients who visit the hospital everyday are provided care, cure and concern by the competent Doctors and staff of the Hospital. The Hospital has one of the best Ophthalmology Departments of the capital where Cataract operations are done on charitable rates and free of cost to the poor patients. The ambience is clean, hygienic and health-friendly. The hospital possesses state-of-the-art medical equipments for operations and treatment.

The origin of charity is a soft heart. Whose heart is compassionate and filled with simplicity, from the same the seedling of charity is erupted. When in 1997, Pujya Shri Sudhanshuji Maharaj (http://www.sudhanshujimaharaj.net) established the Anand Dham Ashram at the outskirts of West Delhi, then this compassion was emerged from his soft heart, that there is no hospital in these rural areas. People have to go far away in ordinary sickness. Pujya Shri established the hospital in 1998. Service started in 2 rooms and by October 2000, this precious building became ready. And service of the proper Management of this hospital given to Shri Rakesh Ahuja ji, who himself is dedicated for the welfare of the patients.

Dr. Archika Didi’s (http://drarchikadidi.com) great leadership has an important role to play in the efficient operation of this hospital.

This Hospital, which is built in a natural & clean environment, has proved to be a boon for those who, in the past, used to go to miles to urban areas for minor medical treatment.

The Hospital has treated, so far 14 lakhs patients successfully. 25000 cataract operations of eye patients have been done successfully. Medicines are given free to the patients. Free vehicle service is available to bring and to drop patients from the Bakkarwala Mor. Along with allopathic treatment methods, the homoeopathic treatment system is also available in the Hospital.

Blood donation and Eye donation camps are organized in the Hospital and blood collected in blood donation camps is given to social organizations. Regular free Health and Eye check-up, camps are also being organized.

Eye department is counted in the Hospitals of Delhi-NCR, which are famous for the efficient treatment of eyes and cataract operations. In this department, there are skilled Doctors, as well as equipped operation theater and all the most modern amenities are available which are necessary for eye inspection and successful operation. Operation is done with Phaco Emulsification technology. State of the art machines (Optical Coherence Tomography, Fundus Fluorescein Angiography, Double Frequency Green Laser) and skilled Doctors are also available for the treatment of Retinal Diseases.

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