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At Karuna Sindhu Hospital wide range of facilities available for patients and specialized team of doctors…

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TPA is an important link between insurance companies, policy holders & healthcare providers…

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Yearly statistics of patients attended by Karuna Sindhu Hospital since the year 2000 till the date…

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Understanding Nipah Virus
30 Oct

Understanding Nipah Virus

In recent years, the Nipah virus has emerged as a concern for public health worldwide. This zoonotic virus, originating from fruit bats and often transmitted to humans through infected animals or cont...

Is Cataract Surgery Painful?
15 Sep

Is Cataract Surgery Painful?

Is Cataract Surgery Painful? Debunking Myths at KarunaSindhu Hospital: Cataract surgery is a standard procedure that has helped millions of people regain their vision and improve their quality of l...

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The Great Aspiration “It is my yearning to see the light of ancient India shine upon the world. May the ambrosia of wisdom coming from sages like Kapila, Gautam, Patanjali and Veda Vyasa quench the Spiritual thirst of the teeming millions. May there be peace, health and harmony in every home. It is my vision to uphold the lofty ideals of Lord Rama and Lord Krishna in every thought man weaves and every act that the he accomplishes. Let there be concern towards parents, reverence towards the holy and unflinching devotion towards the Almighty. Let love and compassion nestle in every heart and make the world a better place to live in. This is my aspiration, this is my prayer……
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